16th Kataka Baisakhi Banijya Mela is scheduled to be held from 15th to 24th March 2020 at Baliyatra Upper Ground, Cuttack. For stall booking contact Mr. Devi Prasad Dash at +91 (0) 9437039188 and Mr. Sanjeeb Behera at +91 (0) 9437023990

Kataka is located at a distance of 24 kms. From Orissa’s Capital, Bhubaneswar and 80 -kms from Puri, seat of world famous Jagannath Temple. With a population of 5 lakh, it is well connected by rail, road and air.

Barabati Fort - The Gateway to ancient Odisha
Barabati Fort – The Gateway to ancient Odisha

Cuttack, the millennium city is the historical city which according to tradition is over a thousand years old. Its origins are rooted deep in antiquity. One of the earliest traditions associated with Cuttack is the Baliyatra, a giant fair organized every year by the riverside to commemorate the occasion when the sea fairing kalingans set sail from the mahanadi on voyages of trade to the distant islands of Bali and Sumatra. It is home to the Barabati Fort, the bastion from which the king safeguarded the Cuttack from enemies. In the late nineteenth century Cuttack, a cantonment city under the British, gained prominence with Madhusudan Das, the leader of Utkal Sammelani, launching his crusade for an independent Orissa with the state language Oriya as a distance entity carved from the Bihar-Bengal-Madras presidencies. This movement culminated with the formation of an independent Orissa in 1936. Gopabandhu Das, one of the earliest oriya freedom fighters, founded the daily ‘The Samaj’ in Cuttack. Earlier T.E. Raven shaw had constructed Raven shaw college which is to Orissa what Harvard to America, the beacon of learning and intellectual enterprise to all Oriya’s who had earned a place for themselves in the world’s reckonings. Madhusudan Das’s daughter, Sailabala Das donated her estate to function as a women’s college in the cause of women’s education and Sailabala women’s college is the second oldest college in India. Cuttack is also known as the Silver City after its world-renowned artisans of silver filigree. Cuttack combines tradition with modernity, evidenced in the Mahanadi Barrage. Jawaharlal Indoor Stadium, the ringroad and the expanded housing scheme of the Cuttack Development Authority.

Cuttak is a deeply spiritual city with a plethora of temples including the Cuttack Chandi temple and mosques and churches. Every year, the festival of Dussera inspires the city and people of all religions come together on Eid and Christmas with all its colour, gaiety, fervor and gusto, Cuttack is the perfect fusion of the old and the new, of ethnicity and cosmopolity, open and boundless in its scope and promise.

Come, let us celebrate the spirit of Cuttack together.